Conlon Board members

The board of the Conlon Collective consists of the following persons. They do not receive any fee for their work.
Het bestuur zet zich onbezoldigd in voor de stichting.
Personen die zich inzetten voor de stichting werken onbezoldigd.

Christina Viola Oorebeek (voorzitter)

has been a member of the Conlon Foundation from 2000 to the present, with different tasks, among which, being Chair for 12 years.

Recording one-arm bandits in Las Vegas for “…and god invented dice”,   developing new instruments like the soundwheel, plexiphone, wind-twirler, making a sound painting of the of (Tesla) plasma lamps in slow motion, “Neon Study #1 for Ensemble Modelo62, belong to the work of a composer with a lack of adherence to convention, but who at the same time, cherishes histories and traditions. 

Visual sources are important inspirations - modernism of the XXe, patterns from/of many cultures. With “Period Point Blank”, she embarked on making video in her work, and has gone further with ‘experimental imagery’ for her Bowed Electrons Festival Online 2021 and 2022 concerts.

An American-Dutch composer who left the US in '69 after singing in the band Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks, she was briefly a singer-songwriter in London and long a dance musician and 'rhythm for dance' teacher at the Hogeschool vd Kunsten Amsterdam. In this period, she studied piano with Willem Brons at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, when she truly 'heard' new music for the first time.   

At age 50, she embarked on a career in composition, studying with Klaas de Vries at CodArts Rotterdam, graduated with the Composition Prize and has been composing ever since.  Masterclasses were done with, among others, Richard Rijnvos and Toshio Hosokawa. Her work has been performed in festivals/concerts in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Finland, China, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa, the USA and Canada.  Details of performances and new projects can be found on the NEWS pages and ARCHIVES.    Christina Viola Oorebeek, youtube channel                                                                                                                                         

Boris Bezemer (algemeen lid)

Boris Bezemer's music strikes an expressive balance between structure and chance, the standing leg and the playing leg. Growing up observing life and biking through the rainy forests of Gelderland, he would play guitar, program computers and dream of being an inventor.


He moved to Amsterdam where he now surrounds himself with electronic music, accordion music, organs, orchestras and opera: all attempts to answer the desire for the unfamiliar, that element of strangeness that's so essential for romance. Bezemer composes worlds of sound accommodating multitudes that flow continuously, comforting with turbulence, accepting chaos and combining scattered voices into magical environments.



Vacature: algemeen lid




Conlon Collective members


Roché van Tiddens

Born 1990, Roché wrote VerlorenVlei while studying composition with Prof. Hans Roosenschoon by transforming the environmental sound recordings of the bushveld into an orchestral performance. He completed a BMus in 2014 and a MMus in composition at Stellenbosch University, South Africa in 2016. In March 2016, Roché’s work for Brass Quintet was performed at the ISCM World Music Days in South Korea.


He continued his composition studies at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, UK, with Dr Andrew Hamilton and Dr Sean Clancy in 2017. During the No Frontiers Festival, Birmingham, his work So Glad Soos Seep was performed by the Thallein Ensemble. He had masterclasses with composers such as Joe Cutler and Michael Oesterle.  


In 2017 he studied at the Institute of Sonology and in 2018 he participated in Sonic Mmabolela, the artist’s residency organized by Francisco López and Barbara Ellison on the Mmabolela game reserve, South Africa. In 2019, he composed 1’O clock for Yamaha Disklavier that works with sound recordings during the Conlon Foundation and Gaudeamus annual artist’s residency.


In 2020 he worked on a collaboration with isiXhosa musician, Ncebakazi Mnukwana on a studio album titled, Hara²Sono. In 2021 he composed Jonkershoek with organist, Francesca Ajossa, which was performed in Orgelpark, Amsterdam and the Nicolaïkerk during the Gaudeamus Festival.                                                                                                                                

Daniel Schorno

The composer DANIEL SCHORNO originally hails from Zurich/Switzerland, studied composition cello and conducting in London with Melanie Daiken, William Mival and Lawrence Leonard and electronic and computer music in The Hague/Netherlands with Joel Ryan, Clarence Barlow and Paul Berg. A love for experimental interactive live-electronic music has made Amsterdam his home for over a quarter of a century.

Invited by Michel Waisvisz he lead STEIM – the renown Dutch STudio for Electro-Instrumental Music - as Artistic Director twice in the early part of the 2000’s. Daniel established STEIM’s digital artist-in-residence educational programme prior to this and acted as one of the studio’s senior artistic consultants up until 2012.

Daniel Schorno’s highly idiosyncratic approach to compositional procedure and integration of eponymous [personal] instruments is reflected in a musical noosphere characterized by razor edged real-time digital sonification and interspersed by the occasional clamour of one-of-a-kind crackle scorpio & dragon sculptures.


Collaborations with international musicians, artists, choreographer, ensembles, artscience and festivals include Christina Viola Oorebeek, Ana Rewakowicz, Frances-Marie Uitti, Garth Knox, Joel Ryan, Dan Koppelman, Ernest Rombaut, Pascal Boudreault, Haraldur Karlsson, Jan St Werner, Jason Kahn, Laurens Tan, Toon de Zoeten, Maria-Ines Villasmil, José Navas, Frank van de Ven, Keith Bramich, Insomnio and Nieuw Ensemble, EMW Shanghai, Forum Neues Musiktheater Stuttgart, 2N2D Odessa, Raftlost Reykjavik, xCoAx’13-22, ICMC’12 &’16, LadHyX/École polytechnique Paris, NCCA Kaliningrad, Caja Ludica Guatemala City, Windybrow Johannesburg & others.

Under the alias ‘zitegeist’ Daniel has travelled the globe performing on vintage analog and digital eponymous instruments.


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Rogier van Splunder

Rogier van Splunder (1981) studied economics in Amsterdam and graduated in 2003.   With a huge interest in the performing arts, he has been actively involved in the field of contemporary music since 2009, starting out as a producer and business manager for the last 10 years.  In the recent past, he has worked for Asko/Schönberg, Slagwerk Den Haaag, Pynarello and pianist, Daria van den Bercken.  As of October 2020, he is the business manager of Stichting Gaudeamus Muziekweek. and manger of the Muziekhuis Utrecht.