31 Tone Organ

The Huygens-Fokker Foundation has been responsible for the maintenance and promotion of the world famous 31-tone Fokker organ sinds 1960. The foundation also organised concerts and lectures about the instrument.



Built in 1950, this instrument plays an important role in the history of the Netherlands, as well as in development of new and existing instrumental tunings, based on the theories of Dutch figures, Christiaan Huygens and Adriaan Fokker. In May 2009, the Fokker organ was permanently installed above the glass wall of the BAM hall of the Music Building on the Ij in Amsterdam.  The foundation could not have wished for a better and more beautiful location. In this hall, concerts can be programmed, presentations and educational projects can be held.  Specially composed microtonal music for the Fokker organ can be heard and the special musical legacy appreciated that Christiaan Huygens (originator of the 31 tone system) left to history.

The Fokker organ is constructed with a main manual with two 31-tone manuals and a pedal section. There is also a "help klavier" with 12 tone manuals on which a portion of the 31 tone scale can be played. The keys are black, white and baby blue and form diagonal lines, giving a uniquely futuristic effect.